Terms & Conditions

Crystals of the World Wholesale Showroom

Terms and Conditions of Entry

These conditions have been introduced to protect the businesses of our genuine retail customers.

A. The following persons are allowed to enter and purchase at Crystals of the World Wholesale Showroom:-

  1. Owners of Retail Shops that sell Crystals.
  2. Market Vendors that sell Crystals.
  3. Well Being Practitioners who sell Crystals in their Practice.
  4. Jewellery/New Age Manufacturers that use Crystals to make the products they sell.
  5. Registered Mineral Collectors.
  6. Registered Interior Designers

B. A selection of the following documents must be produced, on their first visit, by persons wishing to qualify as a customer;-

  1. Copy of company’s Australian Business Registration and ABN
  2. Copy of NSW Dept of Fair Trading Business Name & Number Certificate.
  3. Letter or Receipts from Market Organisers showing proof that they run a Market Stall.
  4. Insurance details
  5. Flyers/Adverts/Website about their business or items for sale.

Note: An ABN or Proof of Business is only acceptable if the business is, or will be involved in selling crystals.

C. Only the Owners of registered businesses, or a buyer pre-approved by the owner and Crystals of the World, are allowed access to the Showroom. Customers registered as “Sole Traders” cannot bring friends or colleagues to the Showroom unless that person qualifies under section A. above, for their own business, in which case they can register under their own name.

D. Opening Hours of Showroom are – Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Minimum Order is $150 + GST
No cheques accepted unless prior arrangements have been made.
Tumble Stones are sold in minimum of 250 gram bags
NOTE;- There is no surcharge on payments by Credit Cards.