Crystal Wholesaler in Sydney, Australia

Buy some of the Best Quality Crystals and Mineral Specimens (common and not so common) from Crystals of the World.

We are a premium Importer and Wholesaler of Rocks and Minerals in Australia. We appreciate that our customers want not only superior quality but the best price as well. We travel the world to select only the best quality for our customers and have built up a network of contacts worldwide who ensure that we are informed of new items and spectacular pieces. Our experienced staff have cultivated an appreciation of the many qualities of Crystals and are more than willing to share their knowledge with you. We can provide sales aid cards giving the properties of most minerals to help you sell our products. We also carry a range of Australian Minerals.

As Wholesalers, we only sell our products, at wholesale prices, to Retailers that wish to sell them to the general public.

For this reason you will find that we do not advertise our wholesale prices on this web site. Retailers can register as a member, giving their business information and then be validated to see prices on our web pages whenever they log in.  Otherwise, retailers are invited to contact us, giving us information about their business status, and we will email our prices to them. The items shown on this web page are samples from the vast number of products that we carry in our showroom at any time.

Members of the general public who are interested in any of our minerals and contact us, will be directed to the nearest retailer dealing in our products.

In Australia, you are welcome to visit our Showroom to select from our huge range of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Calcite and many other specimens.


Appointment will only be made once full business details have been verified - to arrange an appointment, phone the number above or use the "contact us" icon on the menu on left side of this page.